Dictatorship in Honduras attacks the ambassy of Brazil in order to capture Zelaya.

Radio Report Released – 22 September in the morning

Audios from the repression of a few minutes ago. Tuesday at 5 am police and army troops dislodged tip of tear gas, beatings and the firing of live ammunition, thousands of people camped outside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa from yesterday, leaving the balance provisional two people dead with head shots and many beaten and arrested. While members of the resistance are trying to regroup, at this time last minute reports of the police commandos are storming the embassy with the aim of capturing the President Manuel Zelaya, who is with his family inside.

All countries face curfew 24 hours, which prevents thousands of people were moving from all over the country are being detained on the road. It also closed all airports and preventing the entry of the foreign press.

Resistance spokesmen are calling on the Security Council United Nations to take immediate action to avoid a bloodbath that is already happening, and restore the constitutional order.

Many who were participating in the vigil outside the embassy we have taken refuge in nearby houses and that police beat everyone she finds on the street.
Please spread this news.

The police and army have thrown tear gas into the Brazilian Embassy and the curfew have turned the country into a vast concentration camp.

The soldiers destroyed the vehicles of members of the Resistance
Zelaya has been proposing the dialogue but turned violent gorillas. The whole country is completely paralyzed.


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