Figures show reality of ten years of revolution in Venezuela

Caracas, Sept 16 ABN.- The figures issued after ten years of revolution, compared to previous Administrations, show an evolution in all the sectors of the society, which reveal the reality of the country, stated the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Therefore, the Venezuelan president explained that in the educational system, for instance, the evolution of the educational registration -which embraces primary, secondary and childhood education- increased since 1999 up to 2009 an average 148,000 students per year compared to the previous decade, since 1988 to 1998, which maintained an average of 65,000 students per year.

About the matter, he added that the average grow was superior to 130%, compared to the previous term.

The President expressed that “these comparisons can be carried out in all the sectors and there will be seen significant differences in progress.”

“Here we see how we grew in number of establishments, in school registration; also, there decreased infant malnutrition, voluntary abandonment of school, hold back; all the figures show us an integral development,” he added.

Furthermore, Chavez stressed that “These are figures that show the reality of the first ten years of the revolution, figures that prepare us for the next decade of progress.”


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