Early education has grown more than 50% in 10 years in Venezuela

Caracas, Sept 16. ABN.- The growth of the early education has grown more than 50% in the 10 years of Revolutionary Government, said this Wednesday the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias.

Venezuelan President explained that, currently, 67% of the children of early education age are already receiving classes within the national education system.

Likewise, in reference to the new Law on Education: “What we have done is to retake Bolivar’s project to build a great nation and a great homeland.”

“We need a liberating, for all, egalitarian, free education allowing the strengthening of human rights,” President Chavez stated.

Furthermore, he underscored that education cannot be privatized and cannot be transformed into a business as some governments of the so-called fourth republic tried to do.

Finally, he pointed out that the Bolivarian Government will continue with the supply of resources to keep increasing and improving school registration, education quality and country’s educative process.


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