Caracas receives Latin American Encounter on Counterinformation and People’s Communication

Caracas, Sept 16. ABN.- On September 18 and 19, Caracas will host the First Latin American Encounter on Counterinformation and People’s Communication.

At the encounter, representatives of diverse Latin American media outlets will evaluate the diverse proposals for people’s communication that are being developed in Latin America, so as to strengthen the articulation and integration processes of the people’s media and social movements in the Continent.

This Encounter will coincide with the presence in Venezuela of media outlets owners, grouped in the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA). This organization was founded in 1943 in La Havana, Cuba, during the Government of the U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista. Media owners come to Venezuela to support private media outlets, focused on opposing the people’s Government of Hugo Chavez Frias.

The Latin American Encounter on Counterinformation and People’s Communication is aimed to organize more events like this one to train people’s communicators, social movement leaders, social organizations and social networks, as well as to study diverse aspects on the political, ideological and technological fields related with the communicational processes.

The following media will participate at this important event:

Radio Globo (Honduras)
Habla Honduras (Honduras)
Agencia Rodolfo Walsh (Argentina)
Brasil de Fato (Brazil)
TV Educativa de Parana (Brazil)
Periodico de Opcion (Ecuador)
ALAI (Ecuador)
Red de Radios (Chile)
Agencia Prensa Rural (Colombia)
Periodico desde abajo (Colombia)
Comunicacion TEKOHOJA (Paraguay)
Radio Centenario (Uruguay)
El Pregon (Costa Rica)
Indymedia (Puerto Rico)
Colectivo Comunicacion Compa (Mexico)


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