President Chavez’s tour to strengthen cooperation South-South

Caracas, Sept 08 .- The tour of the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, strengthens the cooperation South-South, affirmed on Tuesday the deputy to the Venezuelan Parliament and member of the national directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Carlos Escarra.

During a program broadcast by the Venezuelan state-run television, Escarra stressed that this tour is part of the political view of the country’s international relations.

“In compliance with article 1 of the Constitution, Venezuela follows Simon Bolivar’s doctrine, what means that we are anti imperialist. Then, according to articles 152 and 153, it boosts an international policy of complementariness, solidarity, humanism, peace, respect to people’s rights and their sovereignty,” he stressed.

According to these guidelines, the Deputy stressed that President Chavez has been endorsing a set of agreements during the tour that strengthens the cooperation South-South.

Escarra stressed as well that before the empire’s strategy of assaulting sovereign countries, Venezuela boosts a policy of respect and peace.

Moreover, he stressed that the settlement of peace bases as spaces to understand humanity represent the best initiative in 50 years.

Finally, the deputy expressed that the parades called in tens of cities of the world against President Hugo Chavez represented a boomerang for the empire, since it was evidenced that the nations of the world recognize the Venezuelan president as a real revolutionary leader, who performs for the benefit of humanity.


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