Military agreements between Venezuela and Russia respond to U.S. blockade to Chavez

Moscow, Sept 8. ABN.- The cooperation agreements on the technical-military field that Venezuela has endorsed with Russia are addressed to renew the defense and weapons system of the country, which is something normal at any country. In addition, it is a response to the blockade that wanted to impose United States (U.S.), when it refused to keep selling equipment and spare parts for the maintenance of airplanes and other Venezuelan military resources.

The statements were made by the Ambassador of Venezuela to the Russian Federation, Hugo Garcia Hernandez to explain the governmental position in the face of the media campaigns, trying to present the relation Moscow-Caracas as a “pro-war” couple.

“The military area is not the only one included in the cooperation agreements, as media outlets and the political opposition of Venezuela have speculated. It is true that Russia has become into our main supplier on the military field, but it happened because United States blocked us the possibility to keep buying them equipments and spare parts for the weapon systems that they sold us, such as the F-16s, for instance that we are replacing for Sukhois.

In addition, it is necessary to say that the purchase goes beyond just a commercial relation, because the agreements with Russia include the technology transfer in any field,” he said.

Furthermore, Hugo Garcia Hernandez said that the private media have omitted the Venezuelan-Russian relation on other areas. For instance, the private media did not give too much information about the sixth meeting of the Inter-governmental Top Level Commission, carried out in August, in which eight agreements were endorsed.

Such legal instruments include the following subjects: use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes; fight against drug trafficking; double taxation; air services; elimination of visas to increase the touristic flow; environment; fishing industry; touristic cooperation program 2009-2010.

The Ambassador of Venezuela to Moscow talked about this issue in the occasion of the next visit of Hugo Chavez to Russia, to finish the presidential tour that has included African, Middle East, European and Asian countries.

Garcia Hernandez defended the bilateral relation and labeled it as a friendship with strategic importance, specially from a geopolitical and energy point of view.

“From a geopolitical point of view, Venezuela has interest in Russia because both countries are promoting a pluripolar world and the energy potential of both has to considered as well.

Russia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of natural gas, while Venezuela is the eighth but it owns one of the world’s largest oil reserves. The union of these two powers could make our strengths and weaknesses to be balanced,” he added.

The investment made by the Venezuelan Government to maintain and modernize its military system, including the purchase of helicopters, aircrafts and rifles, has been widely criticized by the more wealthy chains of media in Venezuela and in the world. They say that Chavez “insists on assuming an offensive stance” against other countries.

Nevertheless, Venezuelan private press has decided to turn their sight somewhere else and be quiet in the face of the occupation of seven Colombian military bases by U.S. military forces and private “security” contractors.

Likewise, the international media that criticize the renewing of the Venezuelan military system inform similar actions in other countries without questioning it. Just as it has happened, for instance, in the past hours with the negotiation started between Brazil and France, in which the first would purchase 36 combat aircrafts to the latter.


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