President Chavez is a hero, Oliver Stone says

Caracas, Sept 07 .- On Monday, during a press conference, the United States filmmaker Oliver Stone expressed that for many reasons the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, is a hero for him.

Stone granted the press conference on the occasion of the premiere of the documentary South of the Border, inaugurated during the Venice Film Festival.

The Venezuelan President “was the first Latin American president who challenged the International Monetary Fund, that neoconservative organization that has obliged to apply hard measures all around the Continent and which caused the devaluation in Argentina, that is why I consider him a hero,” he added.

“Chavez showed himself to be a phenomenon; we traveled a lot, almost a road movie, to see the incredible change that country is undergoing,” Stone said.

The documentary, according to Stone, is an answer to the attacks and accusations issued by the press, especially the United States media, which constantly demonizes the actions carried out by President Chavez.

The Venezuelan President arrived in Venice so as to attend to the premiere of The South of the Border, as Stone’s special guest.


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