Oliver Stones’ documentary to dull media campaign against Latin American processes

Caracas, Sept 07 – The writer of “South of the Border”, documentary directed by Oliver Stone, Tariq Ali, stated that the film is to dull the media campaign boosted by the US television media against the processes of change lived in Latin America and particularly in Venezuela.

During a brief interview granted to the Venezuelan state-run television on Sunday, Tariq Ali expressed that the purpose of the documentary is to show to the world the reality of the South, Latin America’s reality.

“The reasons why we carry out this film is because there is a mass television campaign in the United States and European media against South America, and Stone decided to make a film to counter all that campaign. The idea is to show to the US public who are the Presidents of these countries and that people themselves decide based on their own view,” he stated.

Ali stressed as well that the changes taken into account to carry out the documentary are those leaded by the Administrations of Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela, which are using the resources of their country so as to help the majority, the needy population.

“Previously, the poor were invisible. Nobody cared about them. In Bolivia, 85% of the population is indigenous, however nobody talked about them; and it was Evo who gave importance to that great majority. In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has achieved that the poor, who didn’t use to vote because they though there would be no difference, know that they can make that difference and they vote for him,” he stated.

Tariq Ali stressed that the most interesting thing in all this situation is that now there are directors who became into political artists opposed to their Administrations, as it is Oliver Stones’ case, and that is an interesting change.

“We hope people will like it; they will have the opportunity to know different versions and to decide their view. That is our reason, that the public can see the Presidents of Latin America who got ahead of the crisis and started to give answers to the population, and take them as the path to follow,” Ali added.


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