Offensive plan against Venezuela is reported

Caracas, Sept 07 .- “An offensive plan against Venezuela has been developed by the Colombian Army with the support of the government of the United States, so it is impending to take preventive measures.”

The above statement was issued by the Venezuelan retired Gen. Melvin Lopez Hidalgo, during an interview broadcast during a Sunday program at a national television station.

Lopez explained that the so-called Plan Centauro initially seeks to neutralize the Venezuelan military troops in the border of the country, “which is part of Alvaro Uribe’s war-making settlement.”

Moreover, he added that such plan seems to be an extension of the already known Plan Balboa, which was implemented with the authorization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Lopez Hidalgo stressed as well that the battle to destabilize the country aims mainly at taking possession of the Venezuelan energy sources, especially petroleum sources.

He made a call to a national union, since he affirms that only by means of collective union and the union of the brother countries can be carried out a policy of solidarity so as to halt the imperialist advancement in the South American countries.


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