Military bases in Colombia try to halt people awakening

Caracas, Sept 04 .- The settlement of United States military bases in Colombia aims at “halting the awakening of the people of the continent, which today demands leaders who represent their view,” expressed the Venezuelan vice Minister of Foreign Relations for Latin America and the Caribbean Francisco Arias Cardenas.

From the major square of Caracas city, place overcrowded by the attendants to the anti imperialist cantata on Friday, Arias Cardenas urged “the poor people, mistreated people, stand up to say to the governors who allied to the lords of the North that we want that those who govern us say and speak in our language, talk about our needs, solve our problems; we do not want parrots managed by the empire; we want governors who represent our nations.”

This message of peace is expressed at the major squares of several cities in Venezuela, during events organized by the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Arias recalled that during the last Extraordinary Meeting of Presidents of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), it was strengthened the union of the countries of the region, and evidence of it is the conclusive rejection to the agreement of military cooperation endorsed by Colombia and the United States.

“Colombia was left alone,” said the vice Minister, at the time he stressed that the pretension of “delivering the Colombian sacred land, freed by Grenadians and Venezuelans alike, so as to set up North American military bases that represent a real threat of destruction for our nation and sister nations of the Continent,” received a conclusive rejection.

Moreover, he commented that the stance assumed by Colombia’s President, Alvaro Uribe, did not have the approval of the Peruvian president, Alan Garcia, since “it was impossible to control the defense of the settlement of imperial bases in the Continent right in front of our noses, targeting the oil, the Orinoco Oil Belt, at the petrochemical richness.”

Finally, Arias Cardenas reaffirmed that the “union was strengthened” as a result of the clarity and awareness of the people of America, but he warned that the imperialist intentions go beyond, since “it is the change in South America and the poor people of our Continent” what they want to halt.


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