Chavez attends to premiere of The South of the Border in Venice

Caracas, Sept 07 – The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, is at the Palazzo del Cinema, seat of the Venice Film Festival, in order to attend to the premiere of the documentary The Border of the South, together with its director, Oliver Stone.

At his arrival in the Venice Film Festival, President Hugo Chavez Frias, praised the work carried out by the United States filmmaker Oliver Stone.

“Oliver is a great worker, a seeker of real stories and I am happy to join the whole production staff of the documentary,” he said.

The Venezuelan President was received in Venice by a great group of people who spontaneously and euphorically showed their support to the Bolivarian Revolution.

President Chavez attends at the documentary’s inauguration as Oliver Stones’ special guest.

About the documentary, the Venezuelan President stated that “this is a good moment. Stone is a genius cinematographer; to him arrived the South American winds. The documentary is a good way to honor our people.”

With regards to the Festival, Chavez stressed that “it is the best in the world. I feel honored. I have come here to pay homage, I am just one more. I do not come here as President.”

“As Benedetti used to say, the South also exists. In this Festival, the South will be in the foreground, with affection and respect to the truth,” he added.


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