Chavez’s Lines: From Tehran (II)

Caracas, Sept 6. ABN.- Surely unity is what we need to complete our work of regeneration is still the most consummated phrase that expresses the sacred aim of the Bolivarian thought. Our Liberator wrote it on September 6, 1815, as a response of a South American to a gentleman of Jamaica, Henry Cullen. This monumental document, known as the Letter from Jamaica, expresses the most sublime and far-reaching concrete utopia in this part of the world ever. The material foundations for the construction and creation of a New World are in these pages, which seem to be written last night.

Actually, the prophetic letter leads us to reflect on the relation of our people with the utopia, and even with the American utopia, which today takes its clearest shape, though everything seemed to refute it in 1815.

What encouraged us in Bariloche was no other thing than this impetuous travel to distant but fraternal lands, united by this South-South feeling that overwhelms us. It is about the creation of a multipolar world armoring us against imperialist threats.

As I said in Algeria: Faced with the imperialist aggression and its extreme right-wing, pro-coup, unpatriotic moves to stop the changes in our America and the word, the response is no other than speeding up the uniting processes like we are doing in our region, as well as assuring the processes of rapprochement and integration of geopolitical blocks.

We are walking these paths because the only real and true threat to all of us is the continuation of the hegemony of the U.S. Imperialism.

The well-understood interest of a Republic is limited to the matter of its preservation, prosperity, and glory, wrote Bolívar in his prophetic letter in 1815. The economic development, the zenith of lights, the every-day practice of equality and, therefore, freedom, are the core elements of a genuine Republic within the framework of respect and defense for everybody for a common welfare and collective well-being. The sphere of our preservation, prosperity and glory should not be different from other peoples’, with the full awareness that there are no domestic, isolated solutions. This is just a simple illusion when facing the problems affecting the human race.

Surely unity is what we need to complete our work of regeneration: Isn’t this a principle that can be extended to the reality of fraternal nations of our Homeland, beyond our continent’ This is, and has been, one of our permanent premises; with this tour that will touch Belorussian soil tomorrow, we are honoring it and giving it a practical and strong sense: The increasingly greater consolidation of a multipolar world, of a “multi-vector” diplomacy, as the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a friend of Venezuela, described it once.

We are talking about the construction of a world where each nation forms a sovereign pole of dignity just because it is a nation comprised by a people that give it identity and roots, a planet founded on solidarity and fair exchange. I am not an economist, but prove me wrong: In an increasingly united world that shares increasingly stronger bonds and the same repercussions offered by goodness and conflicts, as proven by the current financial crisis, in the same house, as said Theologian Leonardo Boff, there are not strong reasons for nations to be submitted to poverty.

I do not want to sin by naïve or idealist with what I just said, but we fully know the causes why what I mentioned before seems to be lightness and not an indisputable truth: This has been the job of the cultural meddling, of the transnational interests, of the preservation of the U.S. dependent hegemony and the blind and old Western powers. It is better to establish a narrative about the impossibility of making justice or kidnapping it on behalf of democracy, thus diminishing the creative potential of all nations and their peoples. They are trying to administer fundamental values such as democracy, justice, equality and freedom so that other interpretations, more in keeping with barefoot people, do not have room or do not exist. They describe us as underdeveloped, backward, barbarian, and they make us know that by using barbarism, violence, meddling and unjustified wars. And here we reach an element for a central analysis: Who is really dependent for its unjustified subsistence on resources, territorial control, death, hunger and ignorance’ Who reaches unjustifiable points and questions what we affirmed on the previous paragraph’ Let everyone manufacture their own answer.

Lybia, Algeria, Syria, Belarus, Russia. These countries, by swimming against the U.S. current, are part, like us, of the “Axis of Evil,” a name perspiring stink of reactionary Protestantism. It is not difficult to imagine why they named us like that.

Let’s not forget that the “Axis of Evil” was a poor creation by the poor wretch Ronald Reagan that was pathetically recycled by former U.S. President George W. Bush. It is no more than a filthy media construct to hide and distort sovereign policies that preserve their own course towards dignity.

Faced with this poor name, a reflection of their own acts, let’s recall the great revolutionary intellectual Tariq Ali, who honored us by calling us (Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador) the “Axis of Hope,” an axis that, as Ali said during an interview conducted by Amy Goodman, “shows that you can wake the world up from a neoliberal sleep, in which it has sunk, and that the Latin American leaders have a social vision, which offers some hope to the world at the present time’. In a few words, we are not only building, as a group, with a collective voice, an axis of hope, but an axis of peace.


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