Venezuela:Opposition presented false informations about human rights to the OAS

Caracas, Sept 01-The Venezuelan opposition parties and sectors are not accomplishing their attempts to denounce before the Organization of American States (OAS) about alleged judicial executions to representatives from those factors.

The statement was issued on Tuesday by the deputy to the Venezuelan Parliament, Alberto Castelar, who expressed that the opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo proposes, by means of a letter issued to the OAS last Monday, to verify “the operative to make disappear the constitutional rights” allegedly carried out by some Venezuelan officials.

“I think we are witnessing, once again, a systematic campaign of internal and foreign opposition factors that aim at discrediting the Bolivarian Government with denounces of alleged violations to human rights,” he said.

Moreover, Castelar stated that such denounce, raised specifically by Un Nuevo Tiempo, in which they request the OAS to meddle in Venezuela and that its general secretary, Jose Miguel Insulza, orders the Venezuelan State to receive a Commission from that body.

“The first issue we have to explain to that political organization is that the OAS statutes only foresee the visit of OAS entities by request of the member countries or the Government of origin,” he explained.

According to the Deputy, the single goal pursued by the opposition abroad “is try to discredit the performance of the Venezuelan State in matters of human rights.”

“They will not fulfill that objective because the whole world recognizes the real attitude of the Government and all the institutions in terms of human rights,” he stressed.

Furthermore, the lawgiver stated that the Hugo Chavez Administration has acted contrary to the repressive practices used during the fourth republic to repress the political contenders with deaths, persecutions, imprisonment and tortures.

“There is no doubt that the parade called by the opposition for next Saturday follows that strategy of discrediting the General Attorney with a violent agenda they expect to start this month by calling to suspend the classes in schools and high schools,” he affirmed.


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