President Chavez: We are being witnesses of the decadency of the North American empire

Caracas, Aug 31. ABN.- According to the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez Frias, the events happened in recent times and the leading role attitude assumed by the peoples of the South regarding issues that affect them directly are as strong signal of the North American empire’s decadency.

The statements were made by Chavez from Tripoli, Libya, through a telephonic contact with the Venezuelan state-run television channel Venezolana de Television.

President Chavez underscored that what is taking place in Latin America with the answer given by Honduras’ people, staying on the streets more than two months after the coup d’état; and the meeting of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) to deal with the issue of the U.S. military bases in Colombian territory are a prelude of the empire’s final day.

“That empire must end,” Chavez emphasized. He underscored that the South American region is hurrying up to move towards new security and sovereignty doctrines to deal with its own affairs without the intervention of countries that do not belong to the region.

“I think we are heading towards a supranational sovereignty, which leads at the same time to the idea of a supranational project. That was Bolivar’s idea,” he stated.

Likewise, he said that regarding other issues, such as drug trafficking, the region is designing “a strategy of our own, South American, that every country will coordinate as a block with sovereignty and independence.”

He explained that such decision has been adopted because the presence of United States in the region has not helped at all to solve the drug problem. On the contrary, it has grown worse.

Finally, the Venezuelan Head of State stressed that the U.S. military bases in Colombian territory “are just hurrying up and awakening the South American sense. They are forcing us to accelerate our pace.”


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