President Chavez: Unasur and African Union are essential for the freedom of our peoples

Caracas, Aug 31. The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, underscored on Monday that both the African Union and the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) are essential for the liberation, integration and development process in both continents.

“We cannot think about the liberation of Latin America and the Caribbean without the African blood. I strongly believe that Latin America will have no future without Africa, the same way Africa will not have a future without Latin America (…) Both of us share the same dream of a better world, a world of free and equal people,” he stressed.

The statements were made by Chavez during his participation at the Special Summit of the African Union, carried out in Tripoli, Libya’s capital city, in the framework of the 40th anniversary of the revolution in that country.

“The African Union has covered a longer distance than the Union of South American Nations (…) but both are part of the new world geopolitical map, a world that must be multipolar or there will not be world for anyone. It is enough of unipolarity and imperialism among our peoples,” Chavez emphasized.

In this regard, he urged his African counterparts to find the balance in the world through unity, integration and peace, far from the wars and threats brought by the neoliberal and capitalist model.

Likewise, the Venezuelan Head of State said that the unity showed by African nations is an example of organization for the entire world. It is a system with its own central bank, a parliament, a judiciary system and even a security and peace council.

“Africa cannot allow ever again that countries from overseas come to impose certain kind of political, economic and social systems. Africa has to be for the Africans and only through unity Africa will be free and big,” he stated.

Finally, the Venezuelan Head of State said that Latin America and the Caribbean is going through that path of organization and liberation. The last Extraordinary Summit of Unasur carried out in Bariloche, Argentina, was a proof of it. Unasur members rejected unanimously the intervention of third countries in the internal affairs of the region.


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