Chavez:South-South cooperation in the face of world crisis to be main subject at ASAS

Caracas, Sept 2. ABN.- The Venezuelan Head of State, Hugo Chavez Frias, informed that the main subject to be discussed at the Africa-South America Summit (ASAS), to be carried out at the end of September in Margarita, Venezuela, will be the reinforcement of the South-South cooperation to face the world crisis and foster the wealth of their peoples.

The statement was made from Alger, Algeria’s capital, after a meeting held with his Algerian counterpart, Abdulazizi Bouteflika.

Both presidents agreed this “cannot be a regular summit, where presidents have isolated speeches; in order to really have a positive impact on society, we are going to work on a document with concrete actions that guide us to reach short term goals for the next couple of years,” Chavez added.

In this regard, he pointed out that the food issue will be discussed “to generate food production mechanisms to counter the hunger that is considerably affecting Africa and Latin America.”

Likewise, the presidents of the African and South American countries will try to find out a way to distribute more efficiently the energy resources on both regions, such as oil, natural gas and electric power.

Furthermore, Chavez explained that the ASAS will work “on ways to assure financial resources without depending on the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or the generosity of the big powers to guarantee the social and economic development of our people.”


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