Venezuela continues with positive economic growth

Caracas, Aug 23. – In the second trimester of 2009, Venezuela continued with positive numbers on economic growth and development on essential items despite the world crisis and the fall of the Latin American economy in general.

The statements were on Sunday made by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, during his weekly radio and TV program “Alo, Presidente.”

Chavez underscored that some of the main rates that have kept a sustained growth are agriculture (1.6%) and construction (4.0%).

In this sense, he encouraged and congratulated domestic producers to keep working for a sustained growth on agriculture.

“Food is vital, we are not going to lower our guard. Let’s accelerate the pace to not leave a single large-state in Venezuela,” he stressed.

Moreover, he underscored that country’s integral development cannot be left aside. “It is not about producing rice, meat and others, but to build a new man and woman. It is about building the socialism.”


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