Uribe in Colombia which gets chased Zelaya of Honduras, but Now all the propagandists are silenced

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe has made the first so that Evo Morales, Hugo Chávez and the deposed President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, tried at the time without much success, particularly the last.
The Colombian Senate on Thursday approved the call for a referendum to vote on whether Uribe re-elected or not for a third term.
The process is not finished. The House of Representatives should approve it first to turn this proposal into law and then the Colombians in the polls to decide whether or not amending the Constitution.
Uribe has not found much less opposition, which took Zelaya. The Liberal Party and the leftist Polo Democrático left the room in protest at what is called re-election but as described in the case of other presidents is nothing more than an attempt to perpetuate itself in power.
Harassment and demolition to Zelaya
The case is different from Honduras for several reasons. Campaign against Honduran came from afar. The oligarchy of the country was not in favor of the philandering Zelaya, wealthy family, with Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Honduras was received with open arms in the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of our America (ALBA) and began to benefit from what that meant. A good example is that oil from Venezuela could rebir with perfect conditions: payment at 25 years and an interest of 1%.
Honduran oligarchy could not see with good eyes the flirtations with Zelaya ALBA
Zelaya then tried to ask people about their eligibility for an election in Parliament and presented the proposal of the so-called fourth urn. The initiative aimed at the next election that Hondurans decided to amend the Constitution for this purpose. That broke the glass of patience on the right. On March 25, the prosecution told Zelaya that forget the consultation. Soon after, in May, the coup Micheletti, president of Parliament and former de facto president preached from the rooftops while Zelaya was meeting with the ALBA who was receiving death threats from the government.
The events took place as scheduled June 29 and the military took control of the country, Micheletti is autoerigía president and deported to Zelaya.
The qualified support of U.S.
U.S. reacted at first as the entire international community. Criticized the coup and urged to stop Micheletti again Zelaya. But mysteriously, and after several meetings with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the White House eased the tone. Obama now wants to call back but Zelaya elections. Your stay can mean too many left-wing governments in Latin America.
On the one hand Uribe meets in secret emissaries Micheletti and also allows the installation of seven U.S. bases
Meanwhile, Uribe, who had not acted, secretly met with envoys of Micheletti in Bogota and shortly thereafter accepted the installation of seven military bases that bring Americans, he said, great benefit to Colombia. Latin American countries attended dismayed to U.S. tactics and have not finished understand nor Uribe nor Clinton what this means landing in Colombia.
With willing allies, Uribe gets Senate support for constitutional reform and now come to speak to the people. According to the opposition, “is lacera the Constitution and refuse to” participate in their slaughter. ”


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