CUBA, 22 questions that you may not know

Cuba on January 1, 2009 is commemorated one year of victorious revolution. Until that day, spent more than a century of struggles and battles that shaped the formation of a free, independent and sovereign. A Revolution as a process of social construction and people’s national, made by men and women and for men and women. In these 50 years of Revolution, Cuba has had to endure all kinds of attacks (military, terrorist, biological, media …) by the Empire, because they rebelled against it, winning its second independence, because he has maintained a Notwithstanding the enormous sacrifice of its people, and because it is a “bad example” for other peoples neocolonizados-dependent Empire, which could opt to get rid of it. Against Cuba is a media campaign of disinformation through all major media mass are in the service of empire, and thus we get only certain events in the Caribbean island, precisely those who, often presented out of context Cuban could make us think that what the Cuban people live is a dictatorship criminal and murderous which oppresses its people and does not advocate human rights. That is the vision that prevails today in our societies, because it shows us what these media in the service of empire. We are not spokesmen for the rule and, therefore, we will raise a number of issues that are perhaps unknown to many of whom we hear and exhibiting different view, more real, what is Cuba and its Revolution.

1) Did you know you that the Cuban people is enduring an economic, commercial and financial part of the United States since 1961, as a means of war have been released by Yankee imperialism, which punishes any company that trades with Cuba, and that the embargo is not legitimized by the United Nations? In October this year, 185 of the 192 countries that make up the United Nations voted for an end to this blockade. Damage to the Cuban economy by the U.S. embargo has been estimated at over 53,000 million euros, between 1961 and 2008. Who then exerts a genocidal policy towards the Cuban people, but the United States?

2) Did you know that you people of Cuba holds elections every 5 years, at the municipal, provincial and state, and that the same are no political parties, not even the Communist Party, but there is free competition of candidates for elections, which are proposed by the popular assemblies in each area, the style of democracy assembly of the French Revolution in the early years? A Cuba is criticized for not allowing multiparty politics, but today we know that political pluralism, in a capitalist society that everything you buy, does not guarantee in itself that there is democracy, or government of the people and for the people, but party politics to one of the richest, with strong bipartisan alternative that the government, according to the ideological (liberal or conservative) of the richest.

3) Do you know that the Cuban people adopted a Constitution of a democratic socialist in 1976, with the favorable vote of 97% of the electorate, which recognizes and guarantees the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and one of the most advanced in the world? A Cuba is criticized for its lack of democracy, but like other countries, has adopted a constitution that governs their political and institutional system, endorsed by his people, so it can not be described only by the dictatorial simple fact of being a socialist.

4) Do you know that Cuba is ranked number 50 in high human development (out of 177 countries surveyed), ie those companies that improve the lives of its citizens through an increase in assets for meet their basic needs and to and create an environment where human rights are respected, according to the 2006 Report of the United Nations Program for Development?

5) Did you know you that Cuba is the only country in the world that meets the minimum criteria for environmental sustainability according to the report of 2006 submitted by the association in Beijing Switzerland ADENA-WWF?

6) Do you know that Cuba is, according to UNICEF, the only Latin American country to have eradicated child malnutrition, even during the hard period of the 90 special, and exhibits the highest life expectancy of the so-called Third World ( 78 years) and infant mortality lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean (4.7 per thousand live births), even below the United States?

7) Do you know that Cuba, with their limited resources, is one of the countries have more commitments in cooperation with the countries of the Third World, developing programs such as Barrio Adentro in Venezuela, which has given to each district a health center, and Operation Miracle, which has in the past 4 years, to restore sight to 1 million and a half of people over 20 nationalities, for free, supported by Venezuela?

8) Do you know that Cuba eradicated illiteracy in 1961, only 2 years after the Revolution, and now, through the adult literacy program YSP has allowed in little 2 years, liberate countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, illiteracy? Or that since 1961 in Cuba, through its scholarship program, have graduated 47,000 young people from 126 countries in more than 33 university and technical specialties? Or that since 1961 Cuba has cooperated with 154 countries in the world with a contribution of 270 thousand donors, and now co-operate abroad more than 41 thousand Cuban professionals in 97 countries, of which 31 thousand are in the field of health? Or that Cuba is the country of the world, which brings more doctors to the United Nations campaign against AIDS, with more than 3,000 doctors, when the United States and European Union do not reach 1,000, indicating that without the United Nations Cuban doctors would be virtually impossible to make the campaign; like that without the 2,500 Cuban doctors sent to cover the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan had not saved the lives of over 1,500 people and cured hundreds of thousands more? What Cuba has more doctors in the world that it brings the World Health Organization?

9) Did you know that you Cuba condemned the terrorist attack of September 11 2001, however, 5 Cuban prisoners remain in U.S. jails since 1997 for having infiltrated terrorist organizations in Miami and have alerted the government United States plans to more than 170 attacks on the island, accused of espionage in a rigged judicial process, even at high condenándoseles prison sentences, including life imprisonment for 2 to the same person, and in a dungeon torturándoseles known as the Gap?

10) Did you know you that the Cuban people have sent hundreds of thousands of volunteers to fight against colonialism in various countries of world, supporting the national liberation movements in those countries, mainly in Africa, including Algeria, Congo and Angola and in Latin America, as Bolivia and Nicaragua?

11) Did you know that you in the battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola in 1987 by Cuban troops were defeated the army of South Africa, supported by United States and Israel, and achieved full independence from Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe, and was given a death blow to the racist regime of South Africa, which allowed a few years after its collapse and the release of Nelson Mandela?

12) Did you know you that in 1984 United States and Cuba signed an agreement in which United States pledged to grant 20 thousand visas a year to Cubans wishing to travel to that country and never has more than 1,000 visas per year, thus forced to be a process of illegal migration to be risking their lives at sea, emigration is awarded in the U.S. with an Adjustment Act which grants U.S. citizenship who travel illegally, provided they declare to be a victim of political persecution by the Cuban government?

13) Did you know you that United States has banned its citizens traveling to Cuba, with penalties of up to 10 years in prison who do?

14) Did you know that while you remain in Cuba open their offices several foreign media, both European and North American (including CNN), however, that United States does not allow Cuban journalists to work in your country?

15) Did you know you that Cuba was the first country to request the deletion of the foreign debt to countries of the so-called Third World?

16) Did you know you that Cuba has one of the best health and education systems in the world, whether public, free and universal, recognized by the United Nations, which benefits including low-income Americans, who go to Cuba as to be treated medically, as a study, since they can not pay in the United States prices of health and education, in the hands of private companies?

17) Did you know you that Cuba is a power in many biotechnology and pharmaceutical patents are used to cure many diseases in the world at bargain prices, including the drug that heals diabetic foot ulcers?

18) Did you know you that while Cuba is accused by the Empire of violating human rights by prison sentences to 75 Cubans who conspired with the U.S. government to overthrow the socialist regime of the island in 2003, however , at 50 years of Revolution, there have never committed crimes that the Amnesty International points out that it occurs in countries of the European Union (the Spanish State, for example) and United States, political crimes such as murder, torture, disappearances , kidnapping, human trafficking and a long list of crimes, not to mention the prison-like limbo of Guantanamo or the secret flights of U.S. aircraft carrying kidnapped individuals authorized by several governments including that of Spain or executions out by the LAGs in Spain under the government of Felipe González? Did you know that you for the fifth consecutive year, Cuba is part of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, with major support from the countries of the so-called Third World, while United States has been left out?

19) Did you know that in Cuba you seniors collaborate on their school work or perform social work in slum neighborhoods and communities, which are assigned an active role in society and there are no people living alone?

20) Do you know that in Cuba every year the entire population receives a mock Hurricane program, called Meteor, which has enabled victims are scarce on the island (less than a dozen in 10 years), while in other countries in the Caribbean area, including the United States, killed thousands of people, such as Hurricane Katrina?

21) Did you know that you in Cuba there are 65 art schools, is published 80 million books a year and rotate between 5 and 6 films annually, and that there are 11,000 free sports facilities, being a world power in sport, with 24 in Beijing and 27 medals in Athens?

22) Did you know you that Cuba is, along with Venezuela, the pioneer in establishing a system of socio-economic integration of Latin American solidarity, called ALBA, to which are added others, which has stopped the feet of the free promoted by U.S. trade that have ruined the people of Latin America?
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