U.S. military bases threat peace and unity of South American peoples

Caracas, Aug 16. This Sunday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, analyzed in his weekly article “Chavez’s Lines” the Latin American panorama after the last meeting carried out by the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) and with the absence of the Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe.

Chavez criticizes the so called “mute diplomacy” exercised by Uribe, who carried out a selective tour by South America and he left aside the opportunity of facing all the presidents of the region.

According to Chavez, this is all part of an organized strategy that started when the President of United States, Barack Obama, said in Trinidad and Tobago that he was interested in the future and wanted to forget the past, which implies the “capitalism’s swan song”: modernity.

Chavez points out that during the past Unasur meeting in Quito, Ecuador, the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs recommended the last part of the recipe: “remove the ideology from the dialogue.” All of which brings to the conclusion that the empire only wants to leave Latin America with no history or ideas to orientate itself. Without its own voice.

The President of Venezuela underscores that the tour carried out by Uribe only tried to justify a military rise and tries to hide that behind the U.S military bases there are clear threats against the peace, unity and the future of the South American and Caribbean peoples.

In Chavez’s opinion, none of such actions will catch peoples off guard, because there is already a clear consciousness to neutralize the war in our region.

In this sense, the Venezuelan Head of State sends a strong answer: “But do not let this attitude foolish you: if Venezuela is attacked, we will defend ourselves by every mean within reach. That’s why we are increasing our defense capacity and our military power.”

Furthermore, later in his article, Chavez faces the “media sabotage” of which the just enacted Law on Education has been victim of. He reiterated the essence of this new legal instrument: “With the enactment of the Law on Education, the teaching State is not only consolidated within the Law, but it is also strengthened to fully fulfill with its role. The teaching State is a guarantee for the public, free and quality education for all.”

Finally, the Venezuelan President devotes his Lines to the 83th Fidel Castro’s birthday. “From the trench of the ideas, this great father of all the American revolutionaries keeps orienting us.”


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