Students must be in the van of applying the Law on Education in Venezuela

Caracas, Aug 17 – “The Organic Law on Education must be fulfilled. It should not come to a standstill, students shall be in the vanguard of applying the Law (…) We will make the Law be fulfilled,” reaffirmed on Sunday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias.

During his Sunday program, Alo Presidente, number 337, from Falcon state, the Venezuelan President urged all Venezuelans to know, defend and fulfill the new legal instrument.

“This Law guarantees the national development and everybody’s inclusion (…) The opposition is desperate, the do not want people to be educated,” he said.

Chavez added: “The Organic Law on Education is a seal and an incentive to the liberating educational system.”

Showing the extraordinary Gazette from this Sunday, in which was published the new legal instrument, President Chavez made reference to article 50 of this Law, which stipulates a priority investment for education, building, extension, rehabilitation, equipment and sustenance of integral educational buildings.

The guiding principles and values of education, established in article 3 of the above mentioned Law, guarantee an aqualitarian, inclusive, democratic, secular, free training system, among other benefits.

Regarding the opposition sector, Chavez expressed that himself is guarantee of stability and security for the country. “They should thank God that I am still here. I am not a threat for them (the opposition).”

The Venezuelan President reaffirmed as well that the opposition destabilized the country, while the Bolivarian Revolution has stabilized the nation.


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