Popular forces announce new anti-coup actions in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Aug 16..- The National Front of Resistance against the Coup in Honduras agreed on Sunday to continue with the peaceful resistance actions carried out so far to achieve the return of the constitutional order in the country.

The decision was adopted during a national assembly of the groups that comprise the Front, informed its Coordinator, Juan Barahona.

During an act that was held at the headquarter of the Union of Workers of the Beverages and Similar Industry, Barahona asked attendants if they wanted to go on with the fight and a powerful chorus said yes.

According to the President of the Unitarian Federation of Workers, after 50 days of mobilizations against the military coup carried out on June 28, the popular forces are close to beat the putschists.

Barahona added that the people’s mobilization has to be strong. Today, Monday, it starts the evaluation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) that will finish next Friday.

Likewise, he said that at 08:00 am local time, the people opposing the de facto Government will gather in front of the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional, where they will agree the actions to carry out this journey.

Moreover, he announced that there will be organized a political-cultural act for next Sunday with the participation of national and foreign artists, such as the popular group Los Guaraguao. Samuel Trigueros, one of the organizers, said that the event will be called “Voices against the Coup” and artists from Argentina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Honduras will take part in it.

Furthermore, the Federation of Teaching Organizations informed that teachers will return to the classrooms this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the days they will support street demonstrations.

In this sense, Jaime Rodriguez assured that at schools, teachers will carry out a campaign to explain their students and their representatives the necessity of recovering the constitutional order.


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