Mercosur Parliament to pronounce against coup in Honduras

Caracas, Aug 17 The Parliament of the Common Market of the South (Parlasur) is to hold on Monday an extraordinary session for Paraguay to hand Mercosur’s chairmanship to Uruguay and to vote a statement on Honduras situation, among other issues.

During the session, Deputy Juan Jose Dominguez is to take the chair for six months, substituting this way the Paraguayan Ignacio Mendoza.

Considered as the political body of the integrative bloc, the Parlasur is to evaluate and it is probably to pass a statement to condemn the military coup in Honduras.

A draft of such document warns that “every coup d’état in the context of the Latin American community is an attempt against history and the good relations of coexistence in the continent, besides the serious precedent that this practice represents.”

It states as well “the need of contributing to maintain the peace in America, respecting the validity of democratic institutions appeared by the popular vote.”

The document stresses the Parlasur “deepest contempt” to “the actions putschist actions of the group of Honduran soldiers that try to destabilize the constitutional government of the sister Republic.”

The proposal to issue a statement about the military coup against the legitimate president of that country, Jose Manuel Zelaya, raised during a meeting of the Parlasur Board of Directors, in Asuncion, Paraguay, last July 23.

The Parlasur was officially established in Montevideo last May 7th 2007 and it counts with 90 members, at a rate of 18 members by each country that makes up the Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and Venezuela, which is waiting for its admission.


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