Opposition sector in Venezuela lies about Law on Education

Caracas, Aug 12 – As a campaign based on lies defined the Venezuelan Minister of Education, Hector Navarro, the groundless accusations issued by the different sectors linked to the Venezuelan opposition against the draft bill on Education.

At a press conference granted at the seat of the ministry he leads, Navarro expressed that matters such as the parental authority are not dealt in the draft bill as some sectors linked to the opposition want to make believe, by saying that “the Law on Education will take away the parental authority from the parents.”

“We will not debate the matter of parental authority because this organic law does not tackle with that issue. Let it be said clearly for all those who bring up this matter, the issue of parental authority is developed on the Organic Law on the Protection for Children and Adolescents (Lopna, for Spanish),” he said.

Therefore, he urged the different sectors of the Venezuelan opposition so as to focus the debate on the Draft Bill that is currently in the Parliament instead of “in lies as the matter of parental authority which, I repeat, is not dealt with in this Law.”

The Education Minister expressed that the Lopna demands on its series of articles the enactment of a new Law on Education, since the current legal regulation antagonizes the dictates enacted by the Organic Law on the Protection for Children and Adolescents.

Moreover, he stated that the proposed bill presented to the Parliament to be debated and approved foresees a series of vindications and protection to the work carried out by teachers, which had been stipulated in the Regulation of the Teaching Profession.

Likewise, Navarro refused that the Law on Education demands the presence of communal councils in the schools, as well as he explained that such term is mentioned just in article 16 as one of the organizations that constitute a community.


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