Military bases in Colombia aim at controlling the Venezuelan oil reserves

Caracas, Aug 12 The suspension of subsidized fuel supply to Colombia is a way of pressure used by the Venezuelan State as a reaction before the Bogota Administration, which is allowing the setting-up of military bases whose strategic goal is to control the Venezuelan oil reserves, known to be the greatest and most important in the world.

The above statement was issued by the oil analyst Fernando Travieso, who added that the action taken on Sunday by the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, must be considered by the population as a measure that contributes to avoid the movement of such military bases.

“That decision to attack Venezuela is responsibility of the Bogota Administration, which is subordinated to the orders received from Washington,” Travieso added.

Moreover, he expressed that the most affected population will be that in the Colombian frontier, since the consumables will become more expensive as a result of the fact that the basic component on inflation is the cost of the fuel used to transport all kind of goods and services.

“Those punished are the population in the frontier, but I hope they have the capacity to analyze and understand that the Colombian Government is being pressured so as to avoid the establishment of these military bases and so go back to normality,” Travieso estimated, who is as well advisor to the board of energy and mines of the Venezuelan Parliament.

Regarding the supply of gas from Colombia to Venezuela, Travieso explained that since several years ago he has been warning about the dependence of that hydrocarbon with the neighbor country, which might not be the most appropriate from a strategic perspective.

However, he stressed that the Termozulia plant is dual (gas-diesel). For such reason, “Venezuela has to furnish itself with enough quantity of diesel so that in case the gas they (Colombia) are committed to deliver does not arrive, this liquid fuel can be used.”

On the other hand, Travieso advised that, at medium and long term, the State should prevent the use of carbon in the frontier so as to generate electricity with non-polluting technology.


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