Law on Electoral Processes consolidates people’s leading role in Venezuela

Caracas, Aug 12.- The new Organic Law on Electoral Processes will consolidate a democratic politic system based on the participation and leading role of Venezuelans, said this Wednesday one of the Directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE, Spanish abbreviation), German Yepez.

“This law gathers a great number of elements that are related with the suitability of the electoral processes in Venezuela with the new constitutional architecture of the Venezuelan State,” he said.

Yepez said that laws must be adapted and reformed to country’s reality.

Likewise, he emphasized that this legal instrument constitutes a progress on the local electoral system, because it gathers experiences from national and international electoral processes.

According to German Yepez, the approval of this Law represents a significant step towards the end of the transition that started when the Constitution of 1999 and the Organic Law on the Electoral Power of 2002 were approved.

One of the aspects underscored by the Director of the CNE regarding the new Law is the legal affirmation of the voting automated system, which is the recognition to the importance and to the technology vanguard reached by the CNE in the past years.

In addition, he made clear that the Organic Law on Electoral Processes, fully approved by the National Assembly, is only waiting for the approval of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, to come into force.


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