Law on Education in Venezuela proposes to educate on the bases of democracy, freedom and history

Caracas, Aug 13 .- The Venezuelan Minister of Education, Hector Navarro, expressed that the education is made to teach ideologies, to bring up beliefs, so it has no sense to fight against it.

During his participation at a program broadcast by the Venezuelan state-run television, Navarro warned that those who have given a pejorative condition to the word ‘ideology’ are the hegemonic centers.

“The foundations of education proposed in the new draft bill are democracy, freedom, the liberating heritage and the Caribbean history, among other aspects,” Navarro expressed.

“For decades, they have avoided that people think and reason out; that is why they try by all means that the people receive tools so as to continue mistreating them and maintaining over them,” he said.

With regards to religion, the Minister explained that education has no religious beliefs and so the draft bill on education does not need to include anything about it within its norms.

He added that it should be avoided, as in other countries, the fact that religion dominates a nation, to the point of becoming into a religious State.

“Education is not atheist neither believer; those who are believers are people, so in schools there must be everything. What we cannot allow is that schools become into a religious state, dominated by religions, as Spain and other countries thought.”

Navarro explained as well that as the Venezuelan Bolivarian Constitution reads, the Venezuelan State is lay, so education must be taught as such.

He guaranteed that religious schools will continue giving its services as those have done until now. With regards the International Federation of Fe y Alegria, he said that it will continue receiving the subsidy of the National Executive.

“Fe y Alegria will continue receiving the contribution of support, since they fulfill an essential mission for the State, which is part of a direct agreement with the Ministry and which has nothing to deal with the law on education,” Navarro stated.


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