FARC deny ties with Correa and reception of arms of Venezuela

The top leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), “Alfonso Cano”, refused to finance the campaign of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and have received weapons from Venezuela, according to statements published Thursday in the journal Change.

“We have not delivered and no money or weapons to governments or organizations in other countries (…) Why should we contribute to the campaign of a person, as the current President Rafael Correa, who did not even know?” said Guillermo Leon Saenz, also known as “Alfonso Cano”.

Clarifying the FARC occur weeks after learning the contents of a video that appears on the military leader of the rebel movement “Mono Jojoy,” and which supposedly ensures that funding was awarded to the first presidential campaign Correa.

Correa’s government has confirmed that this is a video that has been handled, according to different interests.

The Minister of Internal and External Security of Ecuador, Miguel Carvajal, confirmed June 21 that “there is an edited version of that, with cuts, with accommodations,” in reference to video “Mono Jojoy.”

Also in the interview, conducted by internet, “Alfonso Cano” provides statements on the controversy of the rocket launchers were allegedly supplied to insurgents Venezuela.

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, “went to the media for insinuating terror that the Government of Venezuela gave us a rocket launcher that had captured long ago in a military confrontation along the border, which was widely reported on the opinion at the time,” said .

On the computers of the deceased alleged number two of the guerrillas, alias “Raúl Reyes”, in which the Uribe government has drawn accusations towards other Latin American leaders, said that they “have allegedly found that the governments of Bogota and Washington have sought to contained therein. has made them an Aladdin lamp to go when they need it an excuse or justification. They have turned into battering rams against neighboring peoples. ”

The Colombian government illegally bombed Ecuadorian territory on March 1, 2008 under the pretext of dismantling a FARC camp.

During a raid killed 25 people, including two known as the number of Colombian guerrillas “Raul Reyes”.

Referring to proposals to the government of the FARC, as the unilateral releases and the possibility of a humanitarian exchange, Alfonso Cano said: “For this government prisoners of war that we not fall into the upper strata, or generate significant impact on the surveys and that’s why the President is given the license to prevent the release we announced. ”
On Thursday, President Uribe, in a press conference for the visit of his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderón, referred to “Alfonso Cano” as you mention that bandit and brings 40 years fooling Colombia. ”

“The time has come that all these bandits will spend in prison (…) crime of hiding and hiding advertising to jail,” said the president making clear its position against any path of dialogue with the rebel group

“Our determination is total, never falter,” he said.


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