Attack to Law on Education expects to fill the population with terror in Venezuela

Caracas, Aug 12 .- “The attack of the right-wing media outlets against the Law on Education is not new. They do it aiming at halting the society by means of terror,” stated the deputy to the Venezuelan Parliament, Maigualida Barrera.

During an interview broadcast by the Venezuelan state-run television, Barrera expressed that this legal instrument expects to make the education less mercantilist.

Moreover, she said that the debate about the law, which has already been passed on a first discussion, has been strong and constant.

On the other hand, deputy Edy Gomez, member of the permanent commission on education, expressed that the Organic Law on Education might be passed by the Parliament this Thursday on its second discussion, even though the demands stated by some university sectors and some groups of political opposition to halt the debates.

He added that it deals with a law of universal philosophic principles that appears in many constitutions and organic laws from Latin American countries, through which is highlighted the teaching, compulsoriness, gender without discrimination, and democratization of education.

Furthermore, Gomez stated that those principles are stipulated since many years ago in most of the constitutions, in which the States are rectors of the educational model between the society and the institutions on the area.

The deputy expressed that the legal instrument is guided by the political leaning decided by the people and which is established in article 5 of the Venezuelan Constitution. Such article stipulates that the sovereignty reigns on the people, who pronounced in favor of a bolivarian project.

Finally, he stressed that what the Venezuelan opposition tries to establish as a controversy with regards to the law deals with the participation of the community and the contents for the programs to be developed at the different educational levels.


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