Venezuela:Starts construction of 11 new socialist factories grannacionales

Presidential Press (11.08.09) Caracas, Capital District Monday August 11 began construction of 11 factories Socialists, under the conventions that keep the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Argentina.

Through a contact television, President Hugo Chávez spoke with workers in the project in the town of Temblador, Libertador municipality, Monagas state, in eastern Venezuela.

“We hope this will soon inaugurate the Argentine-Venezuelan factory grannacional,” said the head of state, who accompanied the president Cristina Fernandez, in the Hall of Governors of the White Palace in Caracas.

Marlene Arenas, president of the Corporation of Intermediate Industries of Venezuela (Corpivensa) and Julio Sánchez, Argentine engineer inspector, told the agents the scope of the project from the site of the work.

Sanchez said that a plant is recuperating from tubes used in the oil industry, to produce metal structures used in the construction of buildings, barns and houses.

The Venezuelan leader was surprised by the progress of work and commended those who implement the project.

He said he expects that within three months, when you visit Argentina for Republic, a new contact can be made for television monitor to work and added that “all equipment (which will work in factories) from Argentina” .

The Minister of People’s Power for Science, Technology and Industry Intermediate, Jesse Chacon, said that among the eleven factories functioning social in that locality, is an element of cooling.


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