Chavez´Venezuela with the lowest inequality in Latin America

According to the report of the first half of 2009 of the Household Sample Survey (EHM), implemented by the National Statistics Institute (INE), Venezuela continues to maintain first place in the Gini coefficient, ie has the lowest inequality in Latin America.

The Gini coefficient is a measurement of inequality with respect to the income of countries, and its value ranges between zero (0) and one (1). As the value approaches zero inequality is lower.

The INE report explained that the reduction in the Gini coefficient in Venezuela over the past 10 years, fell from 0.4865 in 1998 to 0.4068 in 2009.

In this sense, the document explains that this constant INE lower Gini coefficient in the country is due to several social and economic phenomena such as increasing the minimum wage of $ 185 in 1998 to $ 409 in 2009.

Similarly, points out that the rate of 0.4068 today in Venezuela, not only is the lowest in Latin America, but also the lowest in the whole period of the Bolivarian Government.

In addition, the increase in pensioners, minimum wage adjustment of pensions, increase the number of workers, which equals more people in employment, increase in direct cash transfers to the product of population policies social, among others.

The president of INE, Elias Eljuri, commented that “all missions are part of the social policies of the government, are free, and benefit the great majority of the population, which translates into improved quality of life Venezuelans. ”


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