August 11, 2009: Global Day of Action for Honduras

August 11, 2009 .- The Honduran peasant movement and the National Front of Resistance against the coup d’état, have called for social movements, trade union and democratic rights in a national march that begins the day August 5 and end on 11 August in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

In support of this national march and our sisters and brothers and all the rural people of Honduras, La Via Campesina and other organizations have called for a Global Day of Action for Honduras tomorrow, August 11, to display solidarity larger conducting demonstrations, political rallies and cultural activities lobbying and pressure, and any activity that may help advance the people’s struggle in the defeat of the Honduran military.

Support Association
By unanimous agreement of all unions of the continent, 11 on Tuesday, coinciding with the grand march to take place in TEGUCIGALPA against the coup, will be demonstrations in all countries.

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National march arrives tomorrow at Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula

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The Honduran capital Tegucigalpa and the industrial town of San Pedro Sula will receive thousands of protesters tomorrow (11), Global Action Day for Honduras. In place since last Wednesday (5), groups demanding the return of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, deposed and expelled from the country on June 28. The march is being organized by the National Front of Resistance against the coup.

Over the weekend, about two thousand people from the west of the country crossed the township Quimistan came to Ceibita with demonstrators and joined the department of Santa Barbara. On the route of the march, the protesters received food, water and medicines for local communities.

Another group left the Atlantic Coast and will arrive in San Pedro Sula tomorrow, while the previous one. The demonstrators left Olancho, El Paraíso, Valle, Comayagua and Choluteca in Tegucigalpa will be tomorrow. Yesterday, remaining few miles to the nearly 600 protesters in Olancho and Francisco Morazán arrived in the capital.

The protesters in the municipality of Victoria, Department of Yoro, walked nearly 170 miles. The motion is composed of peasants, pecuaristas, traders, teachers, students and professionals in general. Women constitute the march in large numbers.

Mission promotes international events tomorrow

After the last 8 days to visit his country, the Mission Association of Solidarity with Honduras encouraged the international community to make a day of international struggle tomorrow (11). The demonstrations will be held during the following day. For the group, “the coming days will be decisive for the resolution of conflict in Honduras.”

“The coup regime is intended to convey a sense of normalcy, when in reality they do not stop the demonstrations, blockades of roads, the suspension of public services and the near paralysis of activities in sectors such as tourism, public transport, health and continuing education, “complained the Mission in its final report.

The group aims to coordinate actions in the border areas of Honduras to involve organizations of neighboring countries. The Mission will also put pressure on the international trade for action against the coup regime Roberto Micheletti.

The Mission arrived in the country the day the national march began on August 5. Consisted of 15 representatives from America and Europe. The group was organized by the Confederation of Workers and Workers of the Americas (CSA / CSI) and Global Union Federations (GUF).

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IUF Latin American Regional, participates in the Assembly of the National Front against the coup d’état
Giorgio Trucchi

Presence in the country, the secretary of the IUF Latin American Regional, Gerardo Iglesias, has met with several media and has participated in various activities promoted by the National Front Against the Coup, coordinating the fight resistance that also integrates the IUF-affiliated organizations such as the Union of Beverage Industry and Allied Workers (STIBYS) and the Union of Workers of the National Agrarian Institute (SITRAINA).

“We are here because we know first hand what is happening in Honduras, and we also show the Honduran people our support, our solidarity and wider, of course, the rejection of the coup d’etat,” said Gerardo Iglesias Channel 51, Honduras.

The course of all this is for the people of Honduras, who is mature enough to decide the best way. However, what is to be noted is that something must be done on an urgent basis, because this coup, what happens in Latin America when everyone thought was a thing of the past, it does not happen anymore, and we must leave it as quickly as possible.

It also required a new democracy continued Churches, because you can not continue to live in a country with such levels of poverty and social exclusion, which also means political exclusion. It is time to recreate this democracy, and perhaps continue to press for democracy on a new basis, where political participation and to give people freedoms and social benefits, “he concluded.

Yes, we can!

During a very participatory meeting of the National Front Against the Coup d’état, the IUF-Rel has again reaffirmed its commitment to fight the resistance of the Honduran people, which seeks the return of the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya Rosales and the restoration of democratic order in the country.

“That’s why we’re here, and so came a mission movement of the Americas, to attempt to break the siege of information that exists in Honduras, said the secretary of the IUF Latin American Regional in front of hundreds of people gathered in the premises of the STIBYS.

Here we are talking about amnesty for all, for those who shot the unarmed people. But I’m going to tell you something. A few years ago, a repressor of Uruguay, a colonel of a surname Cordero-coup military, tortured, from the School of the Americas-Brazil took refuge in thinking that justice would not reach there.

Created one of the largest campaigns of international reporting, and all judges of the Supreme Court of Brazil are thousands and thousands of emails, asking for his extradition, and in the coming days, this torture is going to have to go accountable to Argentina.

Justice always comes, and it will be the same for all those who kill people who want to live in a democracy dignidady, “Iglesias said in front of an audience that loudly called for justice.

Finishing his speech, Gerardo Iglesias recalled that “the military dictatorship, the sectors they want to be factual and spread fear, however, we must infected courage, because it can be changed by this story because this story is surely going to take a final different than what the putschists want. The struggle pays forward companions, “the secretary of the Latin American Regional IUF.


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