Here Chavez proves the falseness of the evidence about Uribe alleged weapons seized from the FARC. But of course the ” Free press” of the world shall no say a word…

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From the Palace of Miraflores, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is giving a press conference for the international media.

Hugo Chávez explained that almost all media that are represented there say bought weapons to Venezuela and Sweden went to the Colombian FARC guerrillas. This is because taking the official statements of the Colombian government, even if they have not submitted evidence.

The president drew attention to information that comes out of Colombia a few days after that Venezuela started to speak about the installation of American bases in Colombia. “That the government of Colombia is trying to blackmail,” he said.

He explained that when they violated international law and the sovereignty of Ecuador in March 2008 to bomb a camp and kill people, carrying bodies of Ecuadorian territory and leaving wounds abandoned women, then wanted to move from aggressors attacked Ecuador drawing as the culprit. Chavez said that in the case of Venezuela is the same.

The President asked if at the premises of at least 7 bases yankis in Colombia that Venezuela intended to remain silent. “We feel threatened and that’s good knowing that Colombia”

Chavez recalled the various attacks that inflicted Colombia to Venezuela, to remember what the international press, as indicated by the same Chavez as journalists when they should contextualize their news. Among the things to remember names to the 300 Colombian paramilitaries were found in 2004 in Miraflores trained to attack a farm near Caracas.

The Head of State made reference to the fact that United States accuses of “narco” in Venezuela is Colombia where the narco, except that there is a military base Yankee ”

In this sense it was asked how many senators are related to the Colombian drug trade, indicating that the majority are Uribe block.

Chavez tests show the falsity of the evidence Uribe

The president showed a document that was delivered by the Colombian Foreign Minister Bermudez to Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, in June 2009. He never thought he would need to make public, but explained that the actions of Colombia force him to do so. The paper is an investigation of a Colombian prosecutor in the department of Meta (Venezuela Fronterizo cone).

In this paper, delivered free trade, there are some pictures where the alleged weapons seized from the FARC and Uribe accused belonged to Venezuela.

On the other hand Chavez accused the government of Sweden for a great irresponsibility to confirm what the Colombian government regarding these weapons.

The president compared the “evidence” given to Colombia. Photos that showed him with Uribe and said they were already used. To test showed Chavez personally without using a rocket launcher. Parts and explained its use. Well established that the rocket launchers allegedly found on FARC are used and specified that this weapon is disposable

Reported that the document is dated October 29, but indicated it was delivered in June. Chavez said that Uribe is the one who is clumsy and dirty for this maneuver, “this is the game of Uribe, that is the sort of person who is Uribe, he is well, it’s his personality, is a way of being.”

President Chavez said that a rocket launcher is a weapon only to use anti because it is a piercing weapon. It is even ideal for use on parachute rather than ground troops. He stated that a gun is lightweight and disposable. He used to bring a rocket launcher and a new one and compared the mouths of both, noting the differences.

He also added that when disposable serial number is manipulated as it is not recorded in the steel as in the case of a gun. It also clarified that it is very easy to grab a gun and put the stamp of Venezuela, because it is a die.

Maduro said that the foreign minister told them that the Colombian emphasizing that the evidence did not lift because they have already used weapons.

Chavez emphasized that the most curious is that in the report was read to one of the journalists present, said:
“Results of the research activity: Three anti-tank missiles M-136 AT4 in its interior with a large caliber 84 mm, which are in regular state of conservation and security system unstable. It is noteworthy that the above is to destroy the material in its entirety to an incident will not happen with the elements described.

This would mean that got rid of the supposed evidence for the alleged threat involving

He explained that if the photos correspond to the weapons allegedly found weapons destroyed because they were useless used.

Also remarked that it is quite outdated weapons and belonging to a Swedish company that sells arms to the whole world.

Chavez made the assumption that if the grenade and rocket launchers were unstable security system, these guerrillas were in constant danger.

Later he recalled that in 1995 there was an attack by the Colombian guerrillas to the Venezuelan border Cararabo. Added that even then tried to blame him for the attack. Then read a list of weapons to the guerrillas took after the attack which killed several Venezuelan military. What was not surprised when the list appears 5 AT-4 rocket launcher.

Thus Chavez was unveiled where the missiles came, possibly (in case you have actually been seized from the FARC) and completed to verify the falsity of the “evidence” presented by Uribe.

You two are missing, Uribe, “joked the president.


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