No more impunity to the bandits that operate the Radio Stations, says Dario Vivas in Venezuela

For the member of the National Assembly, Darío Vivas, the recovery of the 34 stations by the Venezuelan State means the ending of impunity, which remained unlawfully in a media latifundio privileged hands.

“Here these men were used to illegally seize property that we are all Venezuelans. In the area of communications and various maneuvers have used blackmail, and nominees, who were occupying the frequencies from long ago , “he said.

Venezuela raised in the program, which transmits Venezolana de Television, the senator noted that radio stations had the opportunity to provide documentation to prove the legality of their concessions and did not.

“We intend to campaign to be allowed to continue acting as unlawful, fraudulent and deceptive, as these frequencies were running.”

Thus, Vivas said that people who regularly maintain their documents should be attached to act right and not a mockery, “as did the tiny privileged acting only in their own interests.

“The Venezuelan people cried because they carry out these measures. The dominance of these large consortia is rejected by the Venezuelan people because curtails the right of access to information and freedom of expression.”

In this sense, the MP said that “today the government has committed to establishing our Constitution,” while stressing that the law placed the parameters under which the grant should be maintained in a medium.

Also noted that the National Government, based on the Constitution and for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, took this step in the democratization of media and access for everyone in these frequencies.

The space allocation for the State Radio and breaches of its rules, can result in administrative penalties or the termination of radio and television concessions, such as those recently implemented by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).

In an act of justice overturned Conatel concessions to 34 radio and television stations in the country for cases such as death and resignation of the previous holder, the expiration of the grant and the non-submission of the parties before the regulator of telecommunications and applications exchange of securities which were declared invalid.

Importantly, the radio space is managed by 27 families, representing 32% of the total.


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