Venezuela strongly condemns Colombian Government accusations

Caracas, Jul 30 ABN.- The Venezuelan Government expressed through a statement its contempt against the accusations issued by the Colombian Administration, with regards to an armament allegedly coming from Venezuela and which were seized to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and described as hypocritical the actuation of the Colombian authorities, which try to justify the internal conflict of their country by different means.

Following, the complete text of the statement.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its indignation before the irresponsibility with which the Government of the Republic of Colombia has destroyed the undertaken efforts so as to build a binational relation for the benefit of both nations, putting openly at risk the peace and stability of the region.

The accusation against the Venezuelan Government about an armament allegedly seized to the FARC and the statement of the Colombian Government, issued on July 29 2009, are the illustration of the hypocrisy with which the Colombian authorities act when it deals with justifying the warmonger madness they develop domestically and which they try to impose to the rest of the countries as a single regional policy.

The Colombian Government, getting away from its own responsibility, expects to justify the installation on its territory of five military bases from the major world militarist power, alleging that three rocket launchers supposedly property of the Venezuelan Army would be in hands of a subversive group.

As usual, the Colombian Government does not explain how is it that thousands of arms circulate in their territory in hands of subversive groups, but it cynically demands Venezuela’s to explain the origin of three of them. Why do not they demand the United States or Israel to explain how is it that thousands of arms made in those countries are in hands of the guerrilla armies inside Colombia’ According to the hackneyed script of the Colombian elite, the sixty years of internal war are not Colombia’s responsibility but of its neighboring countries, with a specific preference for those in which today govern left-wing forces.

If the Colombian oligarchy, before its historical failure on building an affordable country, has taken the dishonorable decision of loan it free to the United States, it shall assume it openly before the Colombian people rather than protecting behind absurd pretexts. The Colombia today, military occupied and presided by a war-loving elite, has become into a latent risk for the whole region.

The Venezuelan Government ratifies its rejection to this vulgar campaign, and it warns that every aggression from the Colombian Government will be answered with steady measures. The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirms its call to the Colombian people and the governments and people of the region to, together, halt this warmonger policy that intends to become South America into an area of violence. We are on time of stopping the militarist madness of the elite that today governs in Colombia.


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