Honduras’ resistance travels to the border with Nicaragua to welcome Zelaya

Tegucigalpa, Jul 23. ABN.- Members of the Honduran National Front for Resistance Against the Coup are traveling this Thursday to diverse points of the border between Honduras and Nicaragua to welcome the legitimate President of their country, Manuel Zelaya.

This moving is taking place after the Head of State announced the start of his return to his country, from which he was ousted on June 28.

In the meantime, unions and social movements began with a general strike that will last 48 hours as a pressure measure against the de facto regime, led by Roberto Micheletti.

Three workers’ unions agreed on Monday to stop their activities: the Unitarian Federation of Honduras’ Workers (FUTH, Spanish abbreviation), the Confederation of Honduras’ Workers (CTH) and the General Workers Union (CGT).

The President of the FUTH, Juan Barahona, explained that the unions of the public sector have planned the taking of public institutions among other actions that will be accompanied by the people.

“Patience has its limits,” Barahona said of the peaceful characteristics of the protests against the coup.

Likewise, the farmer leader Rafael Alegria held responsible the de facto Government led by the businessman Roberto Micheletti for any violent incident that could occur during the mass protests.

These demonstrations are taking place one day after the failure of the “San Jose agreement,” proposed by the President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias and rejected by the putschists.


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