Honduran workers of the public sector start strike until Zelaya’s return

Tegucigalpa, Jul 23. ABN (Emma Grand, special correspondent).- The workers of the public sector in Honduras started on Thursday a general strike that will remain until the return of the constitutional President Manuel Zelaya, which is expected to take place this same weekend.

The decision of stopping the activities at the Central American country was agreed past Monday by the three main worker unions of Honduras: The General Union of Workers (CGT, Spanish abbreviation), the Confederation of Honduran Workers (CTH), and the Unitarian Confederation of Honduran Workers (CUTH).

The President of Via Campesina, Rafael Alegria, told ABN that this general strike “will have a severe impact on country’s economy” and that the population will intensify the taking of roadways nationwide as a measure to support public sector workers.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the entrance of trucks “transporting merchandise into the Central American territory” has been blocked as well.

“Today, it is a day of full work stoppage in the country,” he stated.

Likewise, people will continue with the gatherings in Tegucigalpa, as they have done since the same day of the coup d’état, rejecting the de facto Government and demanding the return of “Mel” Zelaya.


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