Colombian Government admitted meeting with de facto delegation from Honduras

Caracas, Jul 22 ABN.- The Colombian Government admitted on Wednesday that it held a meeting indeed in Bogota with a delegation of the de facto president from Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, as part of the dialog undertaken by the Costa Rican president, Oscar Arias.

In according with a statement issued by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “it was informally received in Bogota an Honduran commission, last July 20.”

The Colombian Government explained that they continue giving their support to “the mediating process carried out by President Arias so as to reestablish the democratic order in Honduras.”

the statement is issued after the announcement stated by the Honduran de facto foreign minister Carlos Lopez, in which he affirmed that Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe expressed his “sympathy” to the government settled in Honduras.

Lopez affirmed that the main issue tackled with during the dialog with Uribe “was the internal situation in Honduras” since the military coup they perpetrated last June 28 against the legitimate and constitutional president of that nation, Manuel Zelaya.


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