The military and fascist clique in Honduras have made fun of international community

Caracas, Jul 19. ABN.- After the results obtained with the negotiation process taking place in Costa Rica to solve Honduras’ political crisis, the Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, held that “the military and fascist clique that perpetrated the coup d’état have not only made fun of Honduran people now, but also of the international community and of Costa Rican President, Oscar Arias.”

President Zelaya offered a press conference on Sunday from the embassy of Honduras to Nicaragua to explain that the disrespectful attitude of the putschists at the talk table has proved that the de facto regime is an arrogant and intransigent government of arms.

The representatives of the usurper and putschist Government of Roberto Micheletti refused intransigently to talk peacefully about the seven points presented at the talk table, aimed at putting a halt to the political crisis at the Central American nation. Micheletti’s representatives declared that the talks proposed by the mediator and President of Costa Rica have finished.

In the face of such situation, the legitimate President of Honduras reminded that this represents a test for both the international community and the whole international legal system.

“Putschists and fascists are defying the entire world, because no country has recognized them; however, they do not understand that Honduras cannot live isolated from the world,” he asserted.

Likewise, he stated that international organs must put pressure on United States and other important members of the community to make them be more emphatic on the suspension of relations with the illegitimate Government of Honduras.

“If we could achieve that [a total suspension], the coup and the de facto Government would not last more than few hours (…) The only obstacle is that they have an army supporting them: the U.S. Southern Command, trained at the School of the Americas,” Zelaya stated.

Finally, he said that after the failure at the talk table he has started to plan again his return to Honduras.

“I hope international community, journalists, friends and peoples of Central America join us, just as they joined someday Francisco Morazan, in order to put the military and fascists that want to take the country by force in their place,” he stressed.


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