People’s power is essential to build a socialist revolution, Chavez says

Caracas, Jul 21. ABN.- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, said on Tuesday that people’s power must be strengthened in order to have a homeland and for the construction of a socialist revolution.

In a telephonic contact with the program “Dando y dando,” broadcasted by the Venezuelan state-run television channel Venezolana de Television (VTV), the President of the Republic urged his followers to work day after day on strengthening people’s organization.

“Keep working hard and count on me on anything needed to help people,” Chavez said.

He underscored the importance of the organization and relaunch of the communes. He pointed out that this task must be carried out based on moral values and with a conscience of social duty.

Chavez urged Venezuelans to commit themselves to contribute on the construction of a socialist project and to transform people’s organization into a “transforming power.”

Moreover, he praised the organization showed during the TV program at the Antimano parish in Caracas and the achievements reached by them to date, thanks to the communal councils and its diverse organs.

In this sense, he underscored that now “we start to see the fruits and the first results, ten years after the National Constituent Assembly,” when people’s leading role took more relevance, as never before on Venezuelan history.

“We can see the face, the nerves and the muscles of the people’s power. Ten years ago, the Constituent Power started to get organized to become into a transforming power (…) It is the transfer of the power to the people. It is essential,” Venezuelan President emphasized.

Furthermore, he expressed his commitment and strong will to support communities on activities relating to their development and requested to competent authorities, his Executive and governors and mayors nationwide to collaborate as much as necessary for boosting projects emerging from the core of the communal organization.


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