Honduras channel 36 journalists and owners harassed

Caracas, Jul 22. ABN.- The putschist Government in Honduras is intensifying its harassing against the television channel Canal 36, which is one of the few media outlets that have stayed firm in their goal of defending the freedom of expression and the legitimate Government of Manuel Zelaya.

The denounce was made on Tuesday by the Director of the channel, Esdra Amado Lopez, during a telephonic contact with the Venezuelan state-run television channel Venezolana de Television (VTV).

Lopez mentioned some attacks suffered by him and his staff, “a persecution with no precedents in Latin America,” such as accounts frozen, threatening calls, among others.

In addition, the Canal 36 has advertisers supporting the coup that have suspended their advertisement spots with no justifications. A military battalion remained inside the TV station facilities for over 100 hours, electric power cuts, the station was put out of air and owners are constantly threated with a definite closure.

“We are informing the same way we have done it for the past ten years, giving opportunity to all the sectors to express their feelings; however, our channel is the only one that has been victim of this persecution,” he underscored.

“They [putschists] are trying to asphyxiate us economically, persecute us with the army and harass us as much as they can,” Lopez denounced.


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