Honduras Ambassador: Putschists cannot read the international system

Caracas, Jul 22. ABN.- The Ambassador of Honduras to Venezuela, German Espinal Zuñiga held that the putschists in his country “cannot or do not want to interpret the Central American entourage, international entourage and pressures.”

“This coup d’état is trying to block again the way towards a more participatory democracy (…) at the pace of the XXI century. That is exactly the kind of behavior showed by this group of putschists,” he said.

In a moment in which the relations between countries are strengthened based on respect and cooperation, Micheletti’s followers are pretending that the political and economic pressures of other countries have not had any effect; however, no government can stand without the cooperation and trade of its counterparts.

The diplomat said that the Honduran political system is closed and limits new political actors.

“The closed characteristics of the regime, of the political system, kept for more than twenty years the participation closed for only two small political parties,” Espinal Zuñiga explained.

He praised the patience and respect for the international right that has characterized the behavior of the President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

“President Zelaya, in the middle of this whole situation of anger, of his characteristic rebelliousness, of indignation for what he has suffered personally, he has had common sense, patience and waited for the actions of the correspondent mechanisms of the Inter-American System and for the mediation,” the Honduran Ambassador added.

The Honduras Ambassador ratified that the next elections will not be legitimate, if the President Zelaya is not in his position.

“No government elected without the presence of the President Zelaya would be valid. The governance is not guaranteed after January 27, 2010 in Honduras,” he pointed out.

Espinal Zuñiga warned that the coup d’état in Honduras puts in danger the aspirations of other progressive countries of America that want to lead their fate towards a balanced, participatory development model, in which their people can enjoy the nature, life and strong with which the region has been endowed with.


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