Far-right tries to destabilize the region to hinder social changes in Latinamerica. Honduras the first laboratory

Caracas, Jul 22 ABN.- The Venezuelan Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Roy Chaderton, expressed on Wednesday that the most radical sectors of the right-wing are preparing strategic diversions in the Continent aiming at hindering the wave of social changes fostered by the left-wing governments in the region.

“The international far-right (…) advised by experts on manipulating souls and brains, is getting ready to create strategic diversions in different places of our Continent, but trying to turn Washington a mecca where destabilizing factors can find friend native ears in different extremist groups of power, frightened by the wave of social changes that are spreading all through the Americas and eager to deviate towards President Hugo Chavez the attention of the media outlets controlled by their interests,” he said.

Therefore, Chaderton commented the recent intensification on the verbal, media and administrative attention against President Hugo Chavez Frias and his Ecuadorean counterpart Rafael Correa, which he described as an evidence that reveals “the determination of the most violent and privileged.”

Moreover, he stressed that the social changes occurred in Venezuela have been unprecedentedly approved through elections and popular consultations, which in his opinion has contributed to boost a Continental awakening aimed at refusing exclusion, social injustice and media dictatorship.

During his participation on the OAS permanent session in Washington, Chaderton took the opportunity to reaffirm Venezuela’s refusal to the decision taken by the putschist government in Honduras of expelling the members of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission accredited in the Central American country. Thus, he asked the international justice so as to charge those responsible for any abusive acts that the Honduran officials might commit against the staff of the Embassy.


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