With no signs of exhaustion the resistance against the coup continues in Honduras

The mass mobilizations demanding the return of the constitutional order and the return of the President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales reached this Friday the 20th journey on the streets and they have no signs of exhaustion.

That is the opinion of one of the main leaders of the National Front for Resistance Against the Coup, Juan Barahona, who joined the protests the same day of the coup on June 28.

“The people is motivated. We are going to stay in this fight. We do not know for how long [the fight will remain], but we will stay,” said on Thursday night, after being asked about the actions planned by the National Front for this Friday.

Similar opinions are heard in the speeches of other leaders in mass acts, such as Rafael Alegria from the farmer sector, Carlos Humberto Reyes a union leader; and in every single member of the Front.

Barahona informed that for this Friday there will activities similar than Thursday’s, when thousands of protesters blocked main Honduran roads to express their rejection to the coup.

In Choloma city, next to the main industrial and commercial city of the country, San Pedro Sula, thousand of people made a long sit-in in the highway that heads to Puerto Cortes, the most important of the country.

Leaders of the locality confirmed by phone that the protest will be resumed this Friday, after they had to make a halt in the night to avoid the repression of the Armed Forces during the curfew imposed from 23:30 to 04:30 local time.

People’s organizations also closed the road that communicates Honduras with Guatemala, according to the National Front reports.

Barahona informed that groups of people in Nicaragua and El Salvador seized the customs in their borders with Honduras, aimed at supporting the Hondurans’ struggle to recover their constitutional order.

The social leader from El Salvador, Rafael Menjivar informed through a radio station that the social movements of his country will block this Friday the border points with Honduras: El Poy and El Amatiyo.


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