Supporting a military coup is to foster putschist groups in the world

Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’ constitutional president, expressed that not condemning unanimously and at international level the military coup perpetrated in Honduras with the support of the economic powers, means to foster the emergence of clandestine groups that undermine the democracy in Latin America and the world.

The Honduran president issued the above statement on Thursday night from Managua, Nicaragua, through a phone conversation at a program broadcast by the Venezuelan state-run television.

“If we do not find a solution to this conflict among all of us, we might be authorizing other coup d’état in any part of the world and we might be boosting clandestine groups,” Zelaya said.

Furthermore, he affirmed that the coup d’états should be classified as crimes against humanity. “I had never thought that I would have to defend again the right to democracy; I feel today that we are reviving a file that I do not desire not even to my enemies.”

The Honduran President expressed as well that he is “victim of a coup leaded by a military clique through the influence of economic powers. It is a backward step for the world.”

At the same time, Zelaya thanked the support of the whole international community, organizations, labor unions, farmers and all those who have expressed in favor of maintaining the political principles and democracy in Honduras.


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