Honduran resistance intensifies actions against Micheletti’s dictatorship in Honduras

The Honduran resistance of diverse social and political organizations against the dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti, imposed on June 28, was intensified with the blockade of the main roads that communicate the capital city, Tegucigalpa.

The resistance actions of the National Front for Resistance Against the Coup and by the People’s Bloc are aimed at weakening economically dictatorship’s Administration, closing the internal commerce of Honduras, informed the special correspondent of the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN), Antonio Nuñez.

The Honduran capital city has been blocked on its four cardinal points enclosing it and affecting the trade with the north between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, which is the main commercial and industrial city of the country.

Representatives from these people’s organizations underscored that they will not cease such actions until the restitution of the constitutional President, Manuel Zelaya in his Office, which would bring back the rule of law in this Central American country.

In the face of these resistance actions, the authorities leading the dictatorship have decided to increase the repression with more military and police presence on the streets of Tegucigalpa.

From the other side of the borders with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, members of the Hemispheric Social Alliance announced that they will block the routes to Honduras to show solidarity with Honduran people.


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