Accusations in drugs matter against Venezuela are an imperial aggression

Jul 17 ABN.- The accusations in drugs matters presented by the North American bodies are part of the plans developed by the United States empire so as to attack Venezuela, affirmed on Friday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias.

From La Paz, Bolivia, the Venezuelan President expressed to the press that “the empire uses these tricks in order to try to damage Administrations as the Venezuelan, Bolivian and Nicaraguan because they do not agree with us.”

Therefore, he stressed that in Venezuela has been developed a policy against drug smuggling, which has given positive results by increasing the number of confiscations and arrests to lords of the different cartels of the world drug trafficking.

“In Venezuela, we have beaten the drug traffic, the drug dealers, the money and its goods. During the last months, we have captured nine international lords,” he stressed.

The President expressed as well that the outgoing of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from the country, an agency he described as a “den of drug dealers”, has allowed the Venezuelan Government to increase its operational capacity, which leads to an increased number of seizures.

“Venezuela has started to beat hard the drug traffic after the DEA left because the DEA was full of drug dealers and conspirators. This body was used in Venezuela as a political weapon to conspire against the Government,” he stated.

Chavez affirmed that the nations in which have increased the drug consumption and drug trafficking are the United States and Colombia, “where even though the Plan Colombia, the production continues increasing.”

The DEA is the agency of the United States Department of Justice devoted to fight against the drug smuggling and consumption. Though it it shares jurisdiction with the FBI in the internal context, it is the single agency responsible for coordinating and persecuting the anti drug investigations abroad.


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